About Bill Frazer

Bill and Jean Frazer

Experienced Financial Leadership

Bill Frazer has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1975 and is a Past President of the Houston CPA Society. He currently serves on the Leadership Council of the Texas Society of CPAs. From 1986 through 2012, Frazer was the Chief Financial Officer for CBRE Capital Markets, one of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders and providers of equity capital for multifamily properties and other commercial developments. He is a member of the Senior Council of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, the Treasurer and a member of the Bishop’s Committee of Lord of the Streets, an Episcopal Church providing services for the homeless in Midtown Houston, and serves on the Advisory Board of Camp Allen.

Dedicated to Serving the Taxpayer’s Interests

Frazer will fight hard for taxpayers’ interests in holding the Appraisal District accountable for accurate and objective appraisals. Senate Bill 2, passed in 2023, provided several measures designed to help taxpayers better understand the property tax system. Frazer will call for the implementation of programs to ensure a taxpayer’s exemption is recognized during the appraisal process. He will also ensure that homeowners who qualify for exemptions and tax limits are given adequate assistance to complete the necessary forms. He will call for the appointment of an Ombudsman position to aggressively help homeowners navigate the appraisal process and to effectively protest unfair appraisals on their homes. Homeowners should have the same footing during the appraisal review process as wealthy commercial property owners have in challenging unfair appraisals.

Focused on Appraisal Process Improvements Mandated by the Texas Legislature

Senate Bill 2 also introduced updates to the property appraisal process, aiming to make it fairer and more accessible to the average property taxpayer. Property owners can now receive critical notices regarding their property appraisal by email. Notices will be required for eligibility for various exemptions. Seniors, veterans, disabled individuals, and military service members will receive preference in the timing of their hearings. HCAD will be mandated to adhere to the most recent appraisal techniques published in standard appraisal publications. Full written instructions regarding protest hearings must be delivered 14 days before a scheduled hearing. The estimated amount of taxes to be imposed by all applicable taxing authorities must be mailed or emailed to taxpayers by August 7, along with instructions on how to access information related to such taxes and/or appraisals.

Frazer will take positive steps to monitor these new requirements and ensure that HCAD successfully implements each of them.